Description & applications


Pasty mixture lime milk

Intended use

neutralization of pickling paste residues on stainless steel surfaces

Suitable for

• stainless steel parts treated with pickling paste Handling methods: pickling brush (acid-resistant)


• save rinsing of parts

Packing sizes

plastic tub (2 kg - 4 tubs in one cardboard box)

Application Instructions

General notes

Please respect safety data sheet and instructions for use. Reaction times and results depend on different factors. Practical tests with sample parts should be carried out to define the optimum parameters.


Shake well before application or stir thoroughly with a plastic stick!


Apply product evenly and mix with the pickling paste

Reaction time

Neutralisation sets in immediately

Further treatment

Thoroughly rinse treated parts with water until rinsing water is neutral.

Please note

Use water with a hardness of < 10° dH in order to minimize water stains and lime residues!

Additional notes

Do not use at high temperatures or under direct sunlight. Neutralisation of pickling paste can and must not replace waste water treatment.

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