Description & applications

•Seamless high fill copper coated tubular wire for semi-automatic gas shielded hardfacing

•Machinable low alloy bainitic deposit
•Unique welder appeal
•Deposition rate increased by up to 20% when compared to solid wire
•Wire does not pick up moisture, the wire feeding properties are excellent
•Designed for welding in horizontal, horizontal-vertical and vertical-up positions
FCW K400 is used for surfacing and rebuilding parts subjected to abrasion, high compressive stresses and impacts.

Rollers, idlers, chains and drive sprockets, excavator pads, steel shafts, gear teeth, crane wheels, bearing tracks, steel mill rolls, mine car wheels, dredge pins, dredge links, mixer parts, rail car couplings, steel mill roll couplings, cold forging dies and any components subject to metal-metal wear.


EN 14700 DIN 8555
T Fe1 MSG5-GF-C1-40-P

Typical weld metal composition (%)

C Si Mn Cr Mo
0.15 0.8 1.8 3 0.4

All weld metal mechanical properties

Hardness as welded, 3-layer deposit on mild steel
42 HRc

Shielding gas

EN ISO 14175 M21: Ar + 15 – 25 % CO2

Operating conditions

Diameter [mm] Current [A] Voltage [V] Stick-out Gas flow rate
1.2 110-300 16-32 12 – 25 mm 10 - 20 l/min.
1.6 130-350 16-32 12 – 25 mm 10 - 20 l/min.

Welding positions

FCW K400 is suitable for both downhand and positional welding by adapting transfer mode and welding parameters as for solid wires.

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