Description & applications

Filler metal for welding of duplex, super-duplex and super-austenitic stainless steels, as well as nickel alloys such as UNS N06059 and N06022, INCONEL alloy C-276, and INCONEL alloys 622, C22, 625, Alloy 31, 1.4562 and Ni6686. Also capable of being used to deposit overlays of outstanding corrosion- resistance onto a range of steels. The high alloy levels (of Cr + Mo + W) result in increased resistance to pitting, crevice and general corrosion. Ni6686 is of great value for service environments requiring general corrosion-resistance in HCI or sulfuric acid; for resistance to crevice corrosion in hot, concentrated acid chloride solutions such as sulfur dioxide saturated NaCl solutions and oxidizing chloride solutions; and for resistance to intergranular attack, and for resistance to intergranular attack, after sensitization, in highly oxidizing environments. W86026


AWS A 5.14 EN ISO 18274 W. Nr.
ER NiCrMo-14 S Ni 6686 2.4606
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