Description & applications

Solid wire designed for impact- and stroke-resistant hardfacing. Filler deposit is free of cracks, hard, impact- and abrasion- resistant. In case of hard-to-weld materials preheating or undercoat (buffer layer) is recommended.

Can be used for: crusher wheels, loader buckets parts and a final layer of manganese steels hardfacing.

Structure: martensitic


DIN 8555 Werkstoff Nr.
MSG 6 GZ-60 1.4718

Typical weld metal composition (%)

C Si Mn Cr Fe
0.42 2.8 0.4 8.5 Rest

All weld metal mechanical properties

~ 60 HRC

Shielding gas

MIG EN 439 : M21 (Ar/Co2) 12-15l/min

Packings & Diameters

Diameters [mm] 1,0 – 1,2 – 1,6*
Packing(s) Spool
Weight [Kg] 15
Description * on request
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